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Husk's AARC Application

Husk's AARC Application

Created At: 2021-09-11 18:27:11



 What is your IGN? (In Game Name): 212th GCL SGMB 5477 Husk

How old are you?:

What Regiment are you applying for?:

Why do you want to be a commander of this regiment? (5 sentence minimum):
It's always been my ambition to join AARC. I've always had this in mind ever since I joined the server, hence why I competed before. I have always gravitated towards smaller units and squads, I feel that I excel in these smaller positions. ARC, specifically with Recon, I feel most at home. Doing smaller operations and/or seperate ops have always been where I've excelled. I also enjoy medium to long range support, all of these ARC do and excel at. I very much enjoy the comradery that running a smaller operation allows for.
Beyond all those selfish reasons, I want to add a better level of passive rp to the server. I want ARC to be more involved, most of all, and I want an active and helpful unit. Dor the longest times all I've seen is a semi to inactive ARC and I want to change that for the benefit of the players and the server.

What does your Regiment specialize in? (5 sentence minimum):
ARC specializes in exactly what the name says it does, Advanced Reconnaissance Commandos. ARC is designed to preform smaller support roles, such as basic recon and reporting back to the field commander. ARC is also designed to preform much larger tasks on its own, such as the elimination of a heavy cannon on muunilinst when all other units couldn't make it that far behind enemy lines. ARC specializes in as many things as the jobs needs to get done such as: Explosive ordnance disposal, Engineering, Piloting, Heavy Weapons, Explosives, Medical, Leadership, and Individuality. ARC need to not only set an example to their fellow troops when it comes to ability, but also leadership. Without the ability to act on their own, ARC is no better than any other SF batallion, and need to be able to step up and take the reins if required.

How much game time do you have on the server?:
6d 1h 48m, I joined about a few days after the server started.

Provide some lore of your Regiment: (Give detail, explain each piece provided):
AARC, Alpha class Advanced Recon Commandos, is a unit of 100 clones trained from birth by Jango Fett as a prototype clone trooper. They were designed to be individualistic while also still being able to listen to orders from higher ups, unlike their Null counterparts. AARC, having been trained by Jango and with most Clone Commanders or CC's, are trained and made to be a special operation and front line support unit that can make hard decisions on the field. AARC mostly stay on kamino with individual squads being sent out to do certain high value missions, examples of that would be the Muunilinst 10.
AARC were commonly equipped with phase 1.5 or 2 clone armor. They usually carried modified DC-15a blaster rifles or Westar-m5 blaster rifles. ARC were typically given what equipment was needed for the mission, usually including Jetpacks and grappling hooks. Explosive Ordinance such as thermal detonators and RPS-6 was not uncommon amoung ARC as well. ARC sometimes carried melee weapons such as Vibro Knives, but this was much more uncommon. Other than your standard survival gear and a Pauldron and Kama, ARC were equipped with similar gear to most other clones troopers.
AARC training was where most made themselves worthy of the title and ability that came with being a part of the first 100. AARC were trained to be the best at everything, but most importantly they were trained to be more individualistic. AARC were able to take command at any moment and make hard calls regardless of rank, this was their most important trait and ability. With the ability to make difficult decisions, AARC were much better serving alone and in a squadron then any other unit in the Republic.

Why should we trust you to be a commander? (Give detail, share your experience, tell us why you are the best fit):
I feel as if my track record with things like Ghost Company and 212th should be the things I should be judged off of. Ghost Company has remained one of the most active SF Squads on the server, thanks to the help of my amazing troopers Poindexter and Shepard. Ghost Company has tried and stayed some of the best on the server, though we have had our rough spots, I feel as if I can prove that ARC can be made even better.
Beyond these reasons, I feel that I should be trusted with commander because my word has remained unbroken. Unlike my competition in the past, I have remained on the server and didn't quit when I didn't get ARC lead the first time. I am an honest man and I always seek to show that I won't break my word. Give me a chance and I will prove this again and again.
I am best fit for AARC due to these simple and small but very important reasons.

How often can you be Online?:
3 Hours minimum a day.

Do you have any Warnings? (What for?):

X 1


+1 Leads well, good organization, active.

Don Cheadle


+1 Amazing leader, very active



+1 Good leader and fun to play with


[SGN] Reesting


+1 Does a very good job at leading the 212th when the commander is not on and is extremely active.

Dick Dastardly Richard


+1 I think you're a great choice for AARC. Great leader, knows your stuff, is extremely active, and has an inspiring presence. As well as long, tan, and handsome


Trial Mod

+1 I am curious to see what you would create. 

[SGN] Angry Marine Kratos


+1 good xo cool guy





My opinion is pretty biased, so I will neither support you or -1 you. I have just one simple thing that needs to be considered. If you are able to run AARC within the same bounds that PK runs his HS then you will be a good leader for AARC. If you turn into some nazi ss shit where they have no soul what so ever, than you are not the right person for the job. It is yet to be seen what will happen, but at this point you are the likelier candidate. Good luck and do not ruin AARC if you are the chosen leader.