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TheDeadKills's Staff Application

TheDeadKills's Staff Application LOCKED

Created At: 2021-09-12 03:33:28



In-Game Name and rank: Rush and PFC

Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198337979608/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:188856940

What is your time zone?: EST

What country are you from?: Amerioa

How old are you?: 18

Do you have any VAC Bans?: Nope.

Have you read the server rules?: Yes, and all of them are in my common sense.

How many hours will you be able to get on the server per day?: Well weekends I can pledge all of my time and stuff, but on weekdays. It's when my classes are on, because I have no classes on friday but I have classes to...9am to 12-1 pm est.

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Are you able to use Discord as your primary VOIP?: Yeah, I always use it as my prime VOIP

List your past staff experience: Staff manager, community manager, moderator, GM, Head Admin, andddd a lot more but I can't remember I have been on GMOD since 2016.

Are you familiar with SAM/ULX?: ULX hell yeah, I live off of it, SAM I don't know it very well.

Do you have any in-game Warnings? If so, please list them: Nope none.

What's the difference between an in-character and an out of character situation?:  Incharacter is when a event is happening, when medic rp is happening, basically it's mostly when people are actually playing as a clone trooper and to always play the character. OOC moments is when someone is telling information that really is not related to the server, or it's minging, or just a hand full of others things. Basically stuff outside of the server or not within rp is OOC.

Why do you want to be staff (100 Word Minimum): Personally, I have seen so much for how ever long I have been here, it's wonderful you all are so kind and I want to help and be kind with you all. I want to help people badly and I want to guide people around the area just to genuinely help them. If someone has a question normally I am the one to help others when in their time of need and that's why I wanted to become staff for any server. Also seeing you guys work is awesome, I find it very cool and it inspires me to be a rather chill and relaxed man when it comes to staffing now. Because when I first became staff I cracked down on little things, but now as I grew older I find myself just letting people chill out, and only cracking down when they break RP rules while in RP. I am determined to make this experience better for everyone I come across, and my main objective is to help people have fun and laugh. (I am tired I would keep going but, I am going to passout)




A good dude who has proven to me that he cares for the server. Would be a good addition to the staff roster.




Senior Mod

A fun guy on the server and a great addition to the staff team.


Trial Mod

+1 you are a good dude



+1 dude is a active 104th from what i can see he clearly likes the community he would be a great addition to the team :)


Head Admin



Contact me by 9/23/21 for your interview. 


Head Admin


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