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Ashes(Hyena)s Shock Commander App

Ashes(Hyena)s Shock Commander App LOCKED

Created At: 2022-06-22 01:09:33

[SGN] Ashen One

CWRP Senior Mod

What is your IGN? (In Game Name):

How old are you?:


What Regiment are you applying for?:

Why do you want to be a commander of this regiment? (5 sentence minimum):
I want to be the Commander of Shock becuase I have been told I am a great leader by Risen and Grem. I also have been having fun with my Shock life and would love to see this battalion grow as I play.

What does your Regiment specialize in? (5 sentence minimum):
Shock specilizes in enforcing the law within the server as well as detaining anybody who would break them and or people who are against the republic

How much game time do you have on the server?:
1w 22hours and 22 mins

Provide some lore of your Regiment: (Give detail, explain each piece provided):

Shock is a battallion that acts as a police within the Republic. Shock are also known for their SRT being able to extract hostages as well as civilians from the battlefield effectivly and efficiently. They also have shadow corps which are known to be the most elite of the Shock being chosen from the k9 units, SRT units as well as a flame trooper and we pick the lead by choosing only the best from the battalion. Finally they have a squad known as Kitten Squad who specilize in guarding the High Command Medical staff

Why should we trust you to be a commander? (Give detail, share your experience, tell us why you are the best fit):
You can trust me as a commander because I am currently a moderator within the server and have been reliable doing my job. I am also a active player and I am known by most of the people in the server.

How often can you be Online?:
based on my previous staff hours 8 hours+ a day

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[SGN] Ashen One

CWRP Senior Mod

Do you have any Warnings? (What for?):

No I don't sorry for the split it wouldn't let me edit

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+1, ashe would make a really good commander, he leads the Kitten squad well and is just an overall good choice for a commander.

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[SGN] BlackCat


+1 Fave Lead, gonna be Fave Commander

Ex - 501st Commander Blackcat

Ex - Shock Commander Blackcat

Current - Defense Regcom Blackcat


Ex - HGM Blackcat

Ex - Event Manager Blackcat

Current - Event Director Blackcat

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[SGN] Goose™

CWRP Gamemaster

netrual good guy good lead but didnt get the 5 sentence minimum on either of the two sections that require it 

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[SGN] Artemis


+1 | Very friendly, cooperative and active!

Ex-Shock Commander (2021)
Ex-Defense Regimental Commander (2021)
Ex-Attack Regimental Commander (2021)
Ex-21st Commander (2022)
Ex-Head Admin (2022)
Ex-Shock Commander (2022)
Ex-Staff Manager (2022)
Ex-Defense Regimental (2022)

Current Community Advisor (2022)

Community Advisor,

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