Troy's Shock Commander Application

Troy's Shock Commander Application LOCKED

Created At: 2022-06-23 00:02:26

[SGN] SyC0


What is your IGN? (In Game Name): RG Cadet Malus

How old are you?: 22

What Regiment are you applying for?: Shock Battalion

Why do you want to be a commander of this regiment? (5 sentence minimum): Shock has always been my biggest calling, it provides people with the most RP and the most to do on and off base. Shock is a vital role in any Star Wars server, as it holds much responsibility for keeping order on the server. It would be my goal as Commander to not only keep Shock at its amazing numbers, but ensure Shock is always doing something so it doesn't get boring. This would boost RP for everyone and boosts Shock's numbers even more. Shock is my world and I would never let it fall.

What does your Regiment specialize in? (5 sentence minimum): Shock is the elite peacekeeping force of the Republic. Not only tasked with keeping the peace in the Republic's capital of Coruscant, but also policing other worlds and escorting important figures. However, Shock also specializes in Defensive tactics, employing shields and flamethrowers for optimal CQC. Shock closes the gap with their shields, then burns anything in their way. Shock also employs K9 units on and off the battlefield, using them as hunters and tools in hunting down criminals. All together, Shock specializes in a Defensive, yet aggressive style of action.

How much game time do you have on the server?: 3mo 1w 2d 6h

Provide some lore of your Regiment: (Give detail, explain each piece provided): Shock are the main policing hand of the Republic. They inhabit many Republic Core worlds, keeping the peace and ensuring safety and stability. Acting as well as a security force, Shock guarded many Government officials, as well as abroad Republic starships as a security force and Military Police. Shock, while able to patrol, were the more advanced section of police. Acting as a kind of, 'FBI to the Republic Police'. Shock also served as prison guards, guarding the Republic's most fearsome criminals. Shock were not widely deployed, but inhabited most Republic Core Worlds, serving as the greatest military police branch of the galaxy.


Why should we trust you to be a commander? (Give detail, share your experience, tell us why you are the best fit): The biggest reason, of course, is my previous experience as Shock Commander. I served for nearly 4 months as Shock Commander and showed, at the time at least, the largest and most stable battalion for a while. I proved myself to be capable and served with distinction for many months. However despite the experience, my sheer flexibility and understanding of Shock and its functions shows clear evidence of my skill. I am able to perform most duties with little to no issue. Give me a few and I'll be the best at what you ask of me. Understanding, learning, and growing is my path. Shock also has been one of the only battalions I have ever played on, on any server. The insides and out of Shock I know almost as well as my own family, and I treat them as such. In conclusion, you cannot only trust me with Shock, but any other responsibility as well.

How often can you be Online?: With my work schedule I for sure cannot do anything on Fridays. Every other day I work on call, however to important meetings and such I can easily ensure I can make it.

[SGN] WakeyWakey

CWRP Moderator

+1 Troy was a great shock commander before and i think he would be good at it again

[SGN] BlackCat


+1 He was an Ex commander, and is a vibe, sure he stinks but he would make a good commander

Ex - 212th Commander Mavis

Ex - Shock Commander Blackcat

Ex - Defense Regimental Blackcat

Ex - Admiral Blackcat

Current - 501st Commander Blackcat/ Mavis x 5


Ex - HGM Blackcat

Ex - Event Manager Blackcat

Current - Event Director Blackcat

[SGN] Baka

CWRP Lead Admin


Used to be the commander and served me well in RG


Lead Admin


CWRP Head Admin

Red Guard Lead
5th Fleet Security Lead
Mute Company Lead
Erebus Squad Lead
Torrent Company Heavy
Alpha ARC
Doom's Unit Lead
 Jedi Master 5 

[SGN] Artemis


+1 | Was shock commander before, can do it again.

Ex-Shock Commander (2021)
Ex-Defense Regimental Commander (2021)
Ex-Attack Regimental Commander (2021)
Ex-21st Commander (2022)
Ex-Head Admin (2022)
Ex-Shock Commander (2022)
Ex-Staff Manager (2022)
Ex-Defense Regimental (2022)

Ex Staff Manager (2022)

Current Vice Admiral

[SGN] Fire

CWRP Trial Gamemaster

+1 By far one of the nicest a and most down to earth person on the server a great friend. Has been a great commander in the past as Shock commander of 4 months,  Sobde Commander and RG Captain and would be amazing to see him lead shock again.

 Former Event Manager

Former Rear Admiral

Former Jedi Knight Kit Fisto

Former Head Medic Yggdrasil/ Kit Fisto

Former RC Med Yggdrasil

Former RG Captain Solus


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