Mub Commander Application | 212th Attack Battalion

Mub Commander Application | 212th Attack Battalion LOCKED

Created At: 2022-07-06 21:32:08

[SGN] Mub


Open Commander Spots: 212th Attack Battalion 

What is your IGN? (In Game Name): 

RG Cadet Walus ( Mub ) 

How old are you?:


What Regiment are you applying for?:

212th Attack Battalion 

Why do you want to be a commander of this regiment? (5 sentence minimum):

I would like to be the Commander of this Regiment for 3 main reasons; To help hold activity and create fun experiences for players within the battalion, how I would do this is by creating training sessions or sim sessions outside of the event timers to keep people active in the off hours and help cut down on people messing around and getting themselves in trouble, also I would look to give the ENG side of 212th more things to do e,g creating different sims for them within the engine room of the base. 

Secondly I think it would be a challenge and something which can fill my time, as the battalion is doing so well at the moment the change in command can be hard or a challenge for the next commander and I think I would be able to take this head on and make sure that the battalion doesnt go backwards after all the work that has been put into it.

Lastly I would like to be the Commander of the 212th as I would like to get involved with the ENG Rp and also thinking of more to add for them in regards of RP and also in event things, with this I would look to give the people who have the ENG tag more than just that and try come up with ways to make them not just bomb defusal or demo but add more to the list of things they can do in events. 

What does your Regiment specialize in? (5 sentence minimum):
The 212th Specialize in two main areas first one being Airborne. Airborne is the side of the 212th who are given jetpacks along with this they are trained in how to operate ships for air to ground or air to air combat, Jetpacks being used mostly for getting to vantage points and helping pushing the front lines forward and providing cover for other troopers, while the ships are helping keep the main force safe in large open spaces and helping fend off other ships trying to put pressure and kill the troops in our front. secondly the 212th are in charge of the Engineering side of the base and operations looking after the engine room and dealing with bombs and explosives left behind to be traps for the republic forces, also with the engineering side of the 212th this means when defcons change they look after the engine room and making sure that that is protected at all times.

How much game time do you have on the server?:
3d 23h ( Join date 06/30/2022 ) 

Provide some lore of your Regiment: (Give detail, explain each piece provided):

The 212th Attack Battalion, also known as the 212th Republic Battalion or simply the 212th Battalion, was a Clone Trooper Battalion in the Grand ary of the Republic during the Clone Wars between the galactic republic and the Confederacy of Independaent Systems. Serving under the 7Th Sky Corps, the battalion was led by Jedi general Obi-Wan Kenobi  and Clone Marshal Commander CC-2224"Cody." The 212th Recon Division  was a special detachment of the battalion, which also consisted of various units including Foxtrot Group and Ghost Company.

While serving under General Kenobi and Clone Commander Cody, the 212th became known for its successful tactics and involvement in several major engagements, such as the Battle of Christophsis, the Battle of Teth, and the Battle of Ryloth. The 212th also played a role in the Second Battle of Geonosis, where it assisted in the destruction of a newly-constructed droid factory on Geonosis, as well as the capture of Archduke Poggle the Lesser. During the Battle of Umbara, the 212th and the 501st Legion arrested the fallen Jedi General Pong Krell for treason. In an effort to bring an end to the war, the battalion was deployed against the Separatist Droid Army on Utapau, where Kenobi ultimately killed General Grievous.

Why should we trust you to be a commander? (Give detail, share your experience, tell us why you are the best fit):

I think that I should be partly trusted to be a Commander and the reasoning behind this is that I dont have any Prio experience within SNG for a commander or XO position but I feel I could bring a lot to the position. Firstly I am very active and being keen on attention to detail, this being in either documentation for the battalion and making sure it is done daily, making sure that everyone within the battalion has a clear understanding of everything they can earn and giving them clear paths to there goals within SGN. 

When it comes to experience for the job I personally have only ever Commanded 2 units which niether would be parrel to the 212th, one being the 23rd and the second being The Ren, both being first order based one of which was a sith/jedi position so wasnt dealing with ground troops but the 23rd I help the position of commander for 3 months before the community did die, but in that time we were classed as the 2nd most active unit being there equal to shock, while holding this position I would mostly be on for 5 to 6 hours keeping people as busy as I could inside of sims or doing patrols of the base and basic training sessions, how I saw that position was to keep as many active as I could and make it so that people didnt lose interest in the community or the battalion, from these experiences I learnt a lot about battalion commanding as its a lot more than just a rank there is behind the scenes things which have high prioritys like making sure all rosters are kept up to date along with making it so that peoples promotion timers are followed correctly and they are not done to early or to late. 

I think that I would be the best fit for this position as I will put all my free time into learning the position, along with this I will do my best to keep the battalion as active as possible by keeping people doing things and getting as many tryouts done as we can, on top of this I am not going to shy away from critisism so if I am doing bad or am not preforming to the level in which required I will not cry about it or hide away from it but change and improve, lastly I think I would be a good fit for this position as I dont like to back down from any challenge and following up raven will not be easy but I will do my best to keep it to the level in which he has put the battalion.

How often can you be Online?:

up to 11 hours a day 

Do you have any Warnings? (What for?):

None that i know of 

[GL] Zer0


-1, He's a outside souce

[SGN] Fire

CWRP Trial Gamemaster

+1 Would make a wonderful commander and makes a wonderful RG 

 Former Event Manager

Former Rear Admiral

Former Jedi Knight Kit Fisto

Former Head Medic Yggdrasil/ Kit Fisto

Former RC Med Yggdrasil

Former RG Captain Solus


[SGN] Snar Jr the second


Netural. While I have five out of ten of my SENG as 212th I do not consider 212th an "Engineer Battalion." I see 212th more as of airborn recon and to be more of an flanker battalion in the republic. If I would consider an Engineer Battalion that would be 501st on the vehicles they used but not really. Also should have more time on the server and actually someone who been or in 212th.

[SGN] NoahShootFirst


-1 outside source and a lack of time on this server

[SGN] TheKrakeeN



You seem really solid, and pretty active but i don't know about the engineering battalion tho, i mean we have some classes that requires pretty much ENG but we're not entirely engineers, anyways i think you would be a good comander, maybe you're an outsider to 212th but you're a good option.

Current ATK RCMD Raven

EX 212th SENG Commander Raven

Lead Admin

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