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Shanky’s Staff app v5

Shanky’s Staff app v5 LOCKED

Created At: 2022-07-26 16:51:44

[SGN] Shanky


 In-Game Name and rank: SHK SRTL  SMB 5568 Shanks

Steam profile link: Shanks :)

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:620185606

Discord ID: [SGN] Shanky#6136

What is your time zone?: Eastern standard time

What country are you from?: United states

How old are you?: 15

Do you have any VAC Bans?: I do not.

Have you read the server rules?: yes I have read them.

How many hours will you be able to get on the server per day?: 5 hours if not most likely more.

Do you have a microphone?: Yes I Do have a microphone.

Are you able to use Discord as your primary VOIP?: Yes

List your past staff experience:

BCRP | Senior mod | GTA RP | 1 1/2 months

  • New player guide
  • Would take tickets of RDM, Harassment, Member dis, Etc.
  • Left because of disrespect towards me because I sound like a "squeaker"

SLN | Admin | Roblox | 3 weeks or so

  • administration at several of SLN servers
  • Left because It got boring and ended up Moving houses And didn’t give me time

XMPS | Staff Manager | Rust | 2 months

  • Would review all staff monthly
  • Helped when a staff on staff situation would occur
  • Would handle complaints about staff
  • left due to Owner leaving to go to college and server shut down

SDRP | Trial mod | Gmod | 1 week

  • Trial moderator help if someone was stuck, Someone mic spamming
  • Left because It got boring very quickly, Very dead server, Almost everyone was staff

Are you familiar with SAM/ULX?: yes but has been a while will need a refresher

Do you have any in-game Warnings? If so, please list them: I do not have any.

What's the difference between an in-character and an out of character situation?: A in-character situation is a conversation In character Only retaining to In game  and a out-of-character situation is talking out of character only detaining to out of character.

Why do you want to be staff (100 Word Minimum):I want to become a staff member because I do a few Things in this server including Tryouts and SRT Sims, And hate being a inconvenience to call staff when It could be me the whole time. I would never get tired of this server and Find it very entertaining ever day. I could have at lease 26 hours of playtime/moderation a week and a maximum of 48 hours. I think i’m a great fit and won’t let you guys down. I have had quite a bit of staff experiences before and haven’t really done anything to harm any server i’ve been in. I am Ready for this position at any point in time. I Will not let you guys down no matter what comes to it. I hate having to bug people all the time to white list a trainee  or having to set up a SRT tryout, And it would be great for Me to Help other people daily. I have always tried to help people even as just a member.


{Current} Medical doctor specialist

{Current} Senior engineer 

{Former} SRT lead 

{Former} Torrent Heavy                      

{Former Sith} trooper Captian                   

{Former} SGN Staff member

{Former} Impatient human                     

{Former} Sith Sha' Anks

X 1
[SGN] NoahShootFirst


+1 a fine person wouldnt mind seeing as staff

[SGN] Ruusaanyc

CWRP Senior Admin

+1 dedicated player

[SGN] Ruusaanyc

CWRP Senior Admin

+1 dedicated player

[SGN] WakeyWakey


ACCEPTED Ill dm you on more information.

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