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Johnny Lins' GM application Locked

Created by Chadimus Prime

Chadimus Prime


Your Name/Rank and Time on the Server : SFC Johnny Lins 6d 13h


Steam ID:

Discord User ID: Anto<3#9582



Do you have any VAC Bans?: none


Do you have a microphone?: Yes


Are you able to use Discord as your primary VOIP?: Yes


Are you familiar with ULX / SAM?: No but willing to learn


List any past GM/Staff experiences: Not for Gmod


Have you read the server rules?: Yes


How many hours will you be able to get on the server per day?: 3-10+


How many events are you able to host per week?: 4


Give an example of what you consider a bad event?: MTT train with no sense of direction/goal to work towards


Why would you like to become a Game Master (100 word Minimum)?:

Having played roleplaying games like D&D, creating your own world for a variety of players has always been appealing to me and allows me to share my creativity and throw players into new and exciting situations. I’d like to bring my ideas and missions to the other GM’s and bounce my ideas off of them. I’ve also heard that the GM team is in need of some help and I’d like to give back to the community, especially seeing as events bring players to the server and give incentive to keep playing. From everything I heard, being a GM is difficult, however I want to take on this challenge and push to see just how well I can do.


Give an example of an event you would host: 

Defence and extraction. Ordinance is as follows: 3 LAAT/i , Anti Air turrets (on base)

The CIS have launched an attack on a forward operating base on a heavily contested planet. The base has gone dark after receiving heavy artillery fire,however several distress signals are still being received from the surrounding area. The CIS is after servers which hold invasion plans and is therefore invaluable to protect. 

After retaking the base, attack will use the LAAT/i ‘s to drop into retrieve troopers that managed to get out.

It will be defence's job to hold down the fort, using anti air turrets to kill vulture droids and tri-fighters as well as stop the incoming B1’s and BX’s.

SOBDE will be deployed in the forest, and are tasked with moving behind enemy lines and assassinating the tactical droid.

Jedi will be tasked with defence and will have a fight with general grievous.

Once all survivors are either killed or rescued, EOD will set bombs and everyone will be extracted.

Chadimus Prime


Forgot to include my steam ID: STEAM_0:0:63026293



+1 good app and great events, your a good guy I know you will do good I wish you the best of luck :)

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[SGN] KittyGotClawz


+1 active and friendly. Seems to have good ideas, would be a great game master :)

X 1


+1 Johnny is a great guy with great activity. His idea for an event is good so I believe he would make a good GM.




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+1 Very active good guy, Has the potential to become a great SGN Gamemaster.


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Accepted! Will reach out to you on discord!

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