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Created by [SGN] James

[SGN] James

CWRP Moderator


In-Game Name and rank:  MK Padawan I Large

Steam profile link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:580860360

Discord ID:  
What is your time zone?: EST

What country are you from?:  USA

How old are you?: 15

Do you have any VAC Bans?: no

Have you read the server rules?: Yes

How many hours will you be able to get on the server per day?: 3-7 on week days and lots more on weekends 

Do you have a microphone?: yes

Are you able to use Discord as your primary VOIP?:  yes

List your past staff experience: None

Are you familiar with SAM/ULX?: No

Do you have any in-game Warnings? If so, please list them: Not that i know of

What's the difference between an in-character and an out of character situation?:  The difference between in character and out of character is that in character will be meant for to rp while out of character will only be applied to things out of character. For an example, need help in medbay we have a injured trooper, that is in character. Out of character for example, is people talking in ooc chat or people talking about how their irl lives are going.

Why do you want to be staff (100 Word Minimum):

I've wanted to be staff for a while now and I've never been staff before so it seems like good way i could give back to the community and it would help a lot. I've watched Baka help many players and watched what he does and have learned a devent amount on what you need to know/do as a staff member. Being staff would be extremely useful and would make me able to help the server to the best of my ability. The staff team is amazing as it is but i feel like I could make it even better. Being staff can keep me occupied other than just sitting in the temple or walking on base since I can go around and help others during times where there is nothing else to do. It could also help as if someone hosts a tryout and no one else is on i could help them. by whitelisting them instead of calling for a staff member, I could also help make sims to make it easier for other staff members




[SGN] WakeyWakey

CWRP Senior Admin

+1 He is in jedi and he is a nice person and the app is good he can be a little more on though but good app!

[SGN] innew

CWRP Lead Admin

+1 active, always good interactions with him and app looks good


501st XO

Light Squad Lead

Teal Squad Lead

501st Heavy lead

LS protector

[SGN] Dog | Tech


ACCEPTED - You will be contacted to schedule a interview.

Current: Staff Director
Current: Marshal Commander
Current: Alcohol Enthusiast
EX: Head Engineer
EX: 327th MC Mute

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