I think there's been a mistake because I didn't do anything to receive this punishment :(

I think there's been a mistake because I didn't do anything to receive this punishment :( Locked

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Your IGN: 101st PVT 2462 Soudless

Steam profile link:https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199252144442/

Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:645939357

Who banned you: [SGN] Reaper

Ban reason: Time for the gloves to come off | Speedrun | Reaper | No Appeal

Why should you be unbanned: I was having a good time on the server I was just walking around vibin and these couple of other 101st guys where minging and still are like RIGHT NOW as I post this there minging on server and being assholes and stuff there going full out swearing and cussing out people for no reason and I didnt want to be associated with them so I hung out with some of the 21st guys and they were only letting me chill with them because the same 101st guys who were minging were also bullying me and other people on the server. I was having a GREAT time the 21st were some of the nicest people I have ever met on gmod I got to walk with there commander on a brig tour (photo) and I got to hang out with the likes of there 2 nicest members of all Fruit Loop and Flooper, (I might be wrong on the second name because It was something around like flooper/looper or something I cant really remember he didnt talk as much as fruit loop) either way tho I was mid conversation with them about what battalion I should join and I got hit with this ban (photo).Now I know what your thinking person who is reading this right now 1. Please dont deny my appeal please hear me out and 2. At the time while i was having a conversation with the likes of the 21st guys Admins were banning the other 101st who were minging and I suppose they were going down the list of 101st of which there was probably around 7-8 they banned 3 minges and brought it down to 3/6 minges banned and I suspect they got my name mixed up with the last 3 minges because I am new to your server (Heck this is the first time I've ever used your forum) but still seeing as in how the minges were all new players on the server and I myself am a new player I believe there too be a mistake that has happend. I know it seems hard to believe 1 of your mods made a mistake this grave but hey it's ok not the first time it happend on the server and what do I mean that well 1 of your mods (azazula? Azaulaa? sorry im not good at spelling there name) while In character thought they saw me kill a guy(i didnt) and who then arrested me and then tped me to a staff room in which I copy and pasted them the kill log which appears in console saying basically who killed who and they thanked me and return me without a warn :). Still tho I only have this very limited bit of proof for my story of which your reading do to me being that new to the server I know you dont have to listen too my plea because of the way the ban is with the likes of the No Appeal in the reason from my termination but it's fine it's ok. I had alittle bit of joy on your server and thats what I need out of it I met those really great 21st guys them and there commander some of the most wholesome people I've seen in a long time in this game Im glad I got to spend my few moments of happiness and joy with them.

I hope I will be able to play again on your server sometime in the future and I hope that you tell those 21st guys Fruit loop and there commander that Soundless misses them and wishes He could have stayed on a bit longer in order too join there battalion,You guys are some of the only people too have been nice to me in awhile and I thank you for that from the whole of my heart.

I may not have said alot but the experience I had was the best I've ever had the joy of being apart of.

Proof: All proof is provided above and any addtion screenshots from my short time on the server are public and on my steam profile (Thank you for your time reader) 

[SGN] Reaper


Unbanned! Thanks for appealing, you just got caught up with the minges! Welcome back 😎



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