My staff application ( Warden)

My staff application ( Warden) Locked

Created by W A R D E N



ingame name And rank  Warden/CPL


Discord ID: W A R D E N#8869

what is your time zone? central standard time (CST)

what country are you from? I am from the united states

What is your age? 18 Years old

Do you have any VAC? No i do not

Have you read the server rules? Yes i have read the server rules for the SGN

How many hours will you be on per day? Atleast four hours per day

Do you have a microphone? i do indeed have a mic

Are you ble to use discord as your primary VOIP ? i will if needed

List your post-staff experience?  my last staff experience was 3 years ago in another star wars server but i left because they treated me like shit

Are you familiar with SAM/ULX?: i used to be but i am willing to learn for the better of the server

Do you  have any in game warnings?, if so list them: equipment abuseX2

What is the differance between an ingame character, and an out of characte situation?  Ingae character situations would conclude RP, and Comms, An 

Out of character situation is someone telling or asking someone about someone or something that would have no relavance to the SGN

Why do you want to be staff (100 words minimum:

Not too long ago i Helped by training two recruits( after 30 minutes of waiting for an admin or staff member to come do so) really early in the morning But in order for me to do so i had to change my role from my 212th airborne to the recruit role, just to simply get in the room with them. I thought to myself that this would have been easier to do if i could've just teleported myself in there. But i ran  them threw everything they needed to know and it felt natural to help them get an understanding of the server. But since i didnt know what to do after they had passed the Quizlet from the NPC., I called for another Admin to come help, this time anakin was online (he had just gotten online) After i had apologized because i knew i wasnt supposed to train the recruits. but he assured me he wasn't mad and the staff team would like to have me on the team.  after everything had happened, i gave the 101st a tour of the map.  I would love to be on the staff team to help it grow in any way that i can.


[SGN] Coltus

CWRP Senior Mod

-1. Did not wait the two required weeks to resubmit, Twice now.

Current - "RG Coltus"

Current Sr. Moderator

Ex- "Fives" Lore character

Ex- "Wullf Yularen" Lore Character

Ex- Jedi Padawan V Ahsoka Tano

Ex-"Torrent Company Lead"

Ex-"Barlex" Lore character

Ex-SHK Colton

[SGN] blorbo

CWRP Lead Admin

-1 didn't wait 2 week time period to reapply

[SGN] Marius

CWRP Lead Admin

-1 | The application appears to be copied and pasted from your prior applications, there are no fresh improvements to the app itself, and you have not waited the required two weeks to reapply.

 - - - - - - - - -[Current] - - - - - - - - - 
Red Guard Captain
CWRP Lead Admin

 - - - - - - - - - [Former] - - - - - - - - - 
212th Commander
212zth XO
212th CQS Lead
212th 2nd Lieutenant

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[Old Guard] - Original Red Guard Personnel
[OG] - Duck Cult member (Ducc, Duq, Duck)

Your loveable 212th Trooper, Ducky
Your Memorable 101st Trooper, 101st PVT MDS 0976 Memory

[SGN] innew

CWRP Lead Admin

-1. 2 week wait reqiuirement between apps was not met, app looks the same from the last time.


501st XO

Light Squad Lead

Teal Squad Lead

501st Heavy lead

LS protector

[SGN] Selena

CWRP Moderator

-1, very mid application

[SGN] The Mr.Yeezus

CWRP Lead Admin

-1, it seems you can't follow directions ...

Ditched's #1 Son
Former 212th XO
Current 212th Captain
Former Dune Squad Lead
Former #1 Most active ABL
Night time staff :)
Professional Recruit trainer

[SGN] Spart343

CWRP Senior Mod

-1 App should kindly be worked on improvements alongside waiting the respective duration for next resubmission.

[SGN] Idoski

CWRP Admin


Nothing else to say, wait the full 2 weeks.

21st Arc Squad Lead



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