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Klarks Application

Klarks Application

Created by Father Klark | Daddy Krayt

Father Klark | Daddy Krayt


In-Game Name and rank: 
Klark Horizon | No Rank as server isn't up yet.

Steam profile link:

Steam ID:


Discord ID:
Klark Horizon#9992

What is your time zone?:

What country are you from?:
United States Of America

How old are you?:
26 years old

Do you have any VAC Bans?: 

No VAC bans as cheating is for children who forgot what grass was.

Have you read the server rules?: 
I have read the clonewars server rules, and also the JvS server rules. In order to get a balanced understanding of both servers.

How many hours will you be able to get on the server per day?: 
Sundays-Wednesdays: 4-5 hours, however maybe more depending on when I get off work.
Thursday-Saturday: 8+ hours daily.

Do you have a microphone?: 

I do have a working microphone, I actually plan on upgrading it pretty soon.

Are you able to use Discord as your primary VOIP?:

I am able to use any form of communication application as primary voip. 

List your past staff experience: 
Reborn Gaming- Gamemaster & Moderator

Refugee Gaming- Senior Admin & Gamemaster

Grand Republic Gaming- Head Administrator

Icefuse Networks JvS- Moderator

Are you familiar with SAM/ULX?: 
I am very familiar with ULX however I am new to sam, but I'm a quick learner so it will be no problem.

Do you have any in-game Warnings? If so, please list them:
Negative, I'm pretty serious when I roleplay and even in OOC situations I'm not toxic.

What's the difference between an in-character and an out of character situation?: 
Anything that use used in chat, or said in-game is considered in character. However if they use the OOC command when chatting, it is not considered in character. Also when you chat in discord it shouldn't be considered in character unless they have an in-character channel.

Why do you want to be staff (100 Word Minimum):

I want to be a member of the staff team in order to bring a great upbringing for the JvS side of this community. I want to be able to host events as well, because events and rule keeping can make or break a community. If you do not have either then you do not have a functioning community. I wish to strive in this community and bring a better experience to players coming from other servers. That had to put up with abusive staff teams, and their double standards. I wish to help this community, no matter what I have to do I will follow all orders given.

All actions I make, I will take responsibilties for. I also have management skills from real life circumstances (working a full time job as a general manager).

Even if I am not chosen for this role, I will do my best to continue to help this community thrive! 

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