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Bryans GM App

Bryans GM App Locked

Created by Bryan



Your Name/Rank and Time on the Server : Bryan SGM, 1w 1d 19h 13m.

Steam ID:  408091651018588160

Discord User ID: (Example: Reaper#0001) melonk#2036

Age: 19

Do you have any VAC Bans?: no

Do you have a microphone?: Yes

Are you able to use Discord as your primary VOIP?: Yes

Are you familiar with ULX / SAM?: No

List any past GM/Staff experiences : None

Have you read the server rules?: yes

How many hours will you be able to get on the server per day?: 3 Hours on the weedays weekends 9 hours

How many events are you able to host per week?: 1 

Give an example of what you consider a bad event?: When only a couple of battalions are focused on so for a example there is only hostage negoctaions or oil spills

Why would you like to become a Game Master (100 word Minimum)?: i would join GM so i can make my own events and see what i really can make. I would also like to join GM to see better sim maps. I would also like to be able to get to know other GMs better and what works in events. I would also like to see what fun events i can make. The amount of events i can do I dont really know as of yet but on the weekends i can do a couple events. And i would love to see what changes come to the GM team. And i would love to see what other things i can do to GM.

Give a example of an event you would host: i would host a event were there are ships that players can fly, and were everyone has a job to do including the 101st doing something for example i would like to see other battalions help out the 101st like bodyguarding around a area or help protect a area. i would have 21st clean up the oil spills, have vechiles for 501st, sith for Jedi, Bombs for EOD, Civis/Hostages, Areas were 212th can use there jetpack, and have a area so fleet can also do something.

[SGN] redslayer24886

CWRP Senior Gamemaster

Neutral, you didn't really have an example, it was very brief and the time played you do !time in chat to find it.

[SGN] Rapid

CWRP Admin

Neutral | Reason for wanting to be a GM is decent, however the event example is really bland and is very basic as having stuff for all battalions should be something that is always done. Could make a good GM if properly trained.

Current: CWRP Staff
Knight Rapid
Former: CWRP Head Admin
Former: 21st Commander
Former: 21st Arc
Former: 5th Fleet Apollo

[SGN] Starvin Marvin

CWRP Senior Admin

+1 | Good application. I appreciate that you prioritize involving all battalions, especially the 101st. Giving them an objective could really make a great first impression on the server. I've known you for a while now, and you're always active and friendly in all our interactions.

Current: Senior Administrator

Current: SHK CWO

[SGN] Hexo

CWRP Trial Gamemaster

+1 | Good application although need more improvement but considering that your objectives are interesting, Good interactions with him and active as well

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=== GM ===
===  Current ABL ===
===  Current 212th XO ===
===  Current 212th ARC ===

[SGN] The Mr.Yeezus

CWRP Lead Admin

neutral only 1 event a week is not good at all

Ditched's #1 Son
Former 212th XO
Former 212th Captain
Former Dune Squad Lead
Former #1 Most active ABL
Night time staff :)
Current Jedi Knight 

[SGN] Spart343

CWRP Senior Admin

Neutral  Would be handy to have some aspects adjusted/formatted respectively for better organization but has some interesting points to note as well. Gotta note on being around more as hadn't seen much often but wishing all the best whenever active as well on getting into the team!

[SGN] SOV-Hades

CWRP Senior Gamemaster

Neutral | Would have to boost the amount of events you can run per week but besides that app was alright and I have not interacted much with you.



+1 Seen him a lot of the time he good but need to work on the app little bit more

Current 501st Carnivore Company Lead

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