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Laura's staff aplication

Laura's staff aplication

Created by Charii



In-Game Name and rank:  Laura MSG

Steam profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/468354764475/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:107253221

Discord ID:  Charii#9850

What is your time zone?: GMT +1

What country are you from?: Denmark

How old are you?: 19

Do you have any VAC Bans?: No

Have you read the server rules?: Yes

How many hours will you be able to get on the server per day?: 5-12 hours

Do you have a microphone?:  Yes

Are you able to use Discord as your primary VOIP?: Already do

List your past staff experience: I was a builder for a server called Omega Gaming Networks, where I was later on designated to be an admin which lasted for about a year 

Are you familiar with SAM/ULX?: I have not heard the terms before, but if it is the standard admin command system on most servers then yes.

Do you have any in-game Warnings? If so, please list them: None

What's the difference between an in-character and an out of character situation?: 

In-character: In-character conversations are ones where players communicate over either /c (comms) or are talking to each other as if they were republic clone troopers

Out of character: Ones where conversations are communicated with either over /ooc or when one says something that is completely out of character, or if they say "Out of character wise." 

Why do you want to be staff (100 Word Minimum):

Due to having been staff before, a few years ago I believe I can share experiences from that server that might be beneficial in some situations. This might be while someone else who might be a new admin with less experience than myself needs help and no senior staffing is on I could be there to give advice. Besides that I also just wanna help the community out more and I find myself warming up more and more to everyone. So I’d like to help in my own way by making sure this community is always having fun and to make sure anyone who wishes to disturb that fun get a thorough talking to.

[SGN] Lettz_Try_Again

CWRP Senior Admin

+1 Decent app, hours could be good I have seen you around quite a bit and the interactions we have had were good, you could make a good addition to the Team. I wish you the best of luck with your Indeavors! 

[Current] ATC Head Lorekeeper Anakin Skywalker

[Former] Attack Regimental Commander

[Former]21st Commander Lett

[Former] carnivore company lead Kix

[Former] CWRP Staff Manager


[SGN] Spart343

CWRP Senior Admin

+1  App easily has merit to back it up with the past experience as an admin. Respectively your reasoning shows motivation while wishing all the best!

X 1
[SGN] Rapid

CWRP Admin

Neutral | Have not had many interactions, app looks good and hours are good, however I cant give my full support. Best of luck!

Current: CWRP Staff
Knight Rapid
Former: CWRP Head Admin
Former: 21st Commander
Former: 21st Arc
Former: 5th Fleet Apollo

X 1
[SGN] Starvin Marvin

CWRP Senior Admin

+1 | Decent application. Your hours are good. Your in and out-of-character explanation is good. All interactions have been friendly, and you're pretty active. Best of luck

Current: Senior Administrator

Current: SHK CWO

X 1
[SGN] Marius

CWRP Lead Admin

-1 / Neutral 

First of all, your application is in good shape, but you don't exactly have a positive name or reputation in the community. You have reasonable hours and you're online a fair amount, but no one truly knows you and who you are. I continue to be neutral and can't fully support because there haven't been any personal interactions. You should take steps to get out there and leave more of a mark on the area, in my opinion.

Second, you have been frequently witnessed abusing your shock powers (beating players in events with batons and stunning them, handcuffing ecs despite being ordered not to, and sometimes  refusing to follow the GC's orders), and you quite often react to others (or in generalr, respond) with the most absurd commentary (I'm referring to a few incidences from Friday's Boxing Match). As a result, your actions are met with raised eyebrows and perplexed looks from others. Therefore, based solely on what I have seen, I do not consider you mature or suitable of joining the staff team. I do wish you the best of luck!

 - - - - - - - - -[Current] - - - - - - - - - 
Red Guard Captain
CWRP Lead Admin

 - - - - - - - - - [Former] - - - - - - - - - 
212th Commander
212zth XO
212th CQS Lead
212th 2nd Lieutenant

 - - - - - - - - - [MISC TAGS] - - - - - - - - - 
[Old Guard] - Original Red Guard Personnel
[OG] - Duck Cult member (Ducc, Duq, Duck)
Your loveable 212th Trooper, Ducky
Your Memorable 101st Trooper, 101st PVT MDS 0976 Memory

X 1
[SGN] LEGO™ Mao Zedong

CWRP Admin

-1 doesn't seem mature enough for the staff team


Former Shock Commander

Former Attack Regimental Commander

Former 212th Commander

Former Clone Wars Server Manager


Current Defense Regimental Commander

Clone Wars Administrator

X 1
[SGN] yeet

CWRP Admin

Neutral | I am going to be neutral for this application mostly because the interactions I have had with you are weird and silly. Other than that, there's nothing wrong with the application itself. I wish you the best.

[ RG Sergeant Yalus ]

X 1
[SGN] Baddie

CWRP Senior Mod

-1 | A well-thought-out and put-together application. Unfortunately, you have garnered a reputation that is not fit for the staff team. (Mingeyness abuse of your tools etc.)
That being said it is something that can be changed quickly, a staff member has to be a role model in what they do as we are the first thing players look up to, If a staff member is going around rdming others will do the same kinda thing. 

Just be mindful with your actions, there's a time and place for everything and if you seriously want to help out the server than I believe your time will come soon! <3

~best wishes <3

[RG Cadet Balus]
[Senior Moderator]
[Former Administrator]

[Former Senior Administrator]

[Former SHK XO / Major BlackJack]
[Former RC '2-3' Medic]
[5th Fleet Security Co-Founder and Former XO] 

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